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Program Details & Pricing

Activation Workshop (1 day)

*$2 /Student [per day]


1-3 Day Booking

Meets DPA Requirements

Fundamental Movement Skills & Physical Literacy

Positive Mental Health

Curriculum-Based Learning

Basic Assessment Tools

School Residency (5-Day)

*$8.35/Student [per week]


4-5 Day Booking

Includes Lunch Hour DPA Workshop

Dances for DPA: Videos and Choreography Notes

Students Create Dances

Includes Assessment Tools, Exit Cards & Rubrics

Enhanced Residency (5-Day)

*$9.72/Student [per week]


4-5 Day Booking

All Features of 5-Day Residency, plus:

Teacher Mentorship

Pre-Program Lessons & Videos

Classroom Extension Lesson Plans

* Price-per-student is based on a school population of 350 students and reflects an approximate per-session price. This number is used as a reference only and total per day rates do not fluctuate according to school population.

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We are so impressed with the DANCEPL3Y program because of it’s positive messages, growth mindset, it’s fast paced and it’s fun and active...
All students, even some typically reluctant, are actively participating. The huge smiles are indicative of their enjoyment. Everyone (even we teachers) are excited to be there and look forward to our next sessions.
— Elementary School Teacher, BC

MEET Brooke Yantzi,


BC Interior Instructor Team:

Ashley Dias  - DANCEPL3Y Instructor

Ashley Dias - DANCEPL3Y Instructor

Hailey Gardner  - DANCEPL3Y Instructor

Hailey Gardner - DANCEPL3Y Instructor


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