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Program Details & Pricing


Activation Workshop (1 day)

*$2.15 /Student [per day]


1-3 Day Booking

Meets DPA Requirements

Fundamental Movement Skills & Physical Literacy

Promotes Positive Mental Health

Curriculum-Based Learning

Basic Assessment Tools


* Price-per-student is based on a school population of 350 students and reflects an approximate per-session price. This number is used as a reference only and total per day rates do not fluctuate according to school population.

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Your energy and ability to motivate our kids of all ages to get active and generate a sweat was awesome! In such an enjoyable way, you helped convey the important ‘healthy active living’ message that is so important to us at Churchville.
— - J. Crowfoot, School Principal (Churchville PS)

Meet Carolyn Trépanier,
south central Ontario Program Operator!

Carolyn Trepanier

Meet the South Central Ontario Team!

Peter Cicco  - DANCEPL3Y Instructor

Peter Cicco - DANCEPL3Y Instructor

Rachel Gomez  - DANCEPL3Y Instructor

Rachel Gomez - DANCEPL3Y Instructor


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