Our Name… Why the 3?

The ‘3’ in our name represents our “3 Rules of PLAY.”

3 Rules of PL3Y.png

These three rules are the foundation of every PL3Y Education class. We help equip students with the tools to foster a growth mindset so that they can develop the competence, confidence and motivation to be active for life!

Positive Instructor.png


The first rule in any PL3Y program is that students have to BE POSITIVE.
We foster growth mindsets by coaching students to switch any thoughts of “I can’t do this” or “I can do this” Through the practice of awareness, our programs build mental strength that help students face any challenge with the mindset that they can achieve anything they put their minds to!


We don’t just want students to ‘have fun’, we want them to BE FUN.
As schools and life gets busier and more demanding, students have less opportunities to just play. Through our programs, students practice BEING the most fun version of themselves so that they can share their best self with their peers, teachers, families and communities.

Fun Class.png


Our third rule is BE YOURSELF.
Whether students are showing off their unique style with their dance moves, pushing themselves to improve their last best score in fitness challenges, or listening to what feels good for their body in yoga, the focus of all PL3Y programs is to foster each students’ individual physical literacy journey through personalized movement and playful experiences.