FMS & Physical literacy

PL3Y programs are the world leader in developing physical literacy through school-based programs. All of the sequences for dance, yoga and fitness, target the development, refinement and mastery of Fundamental Movement Skills, which are the building blocks of movement for lifelong active living. Through challenge-based coaching and success-based skill activities, we also develop positive mindsets about physical activity so that students can be confident and motivated movers, for life!


PL3Y Education is passionate about to working with schools in addressing mental health and supporting students, teachers, staff, administrators, families and the members of larger community in becoming healthier and happier humans. As technology continues to infiltrate our lives, we are committed to delivering engaging learning experiences that inoculate students against the negative social, physical and mental health effects that these digital connections can create, by allowing students to connect to themselves, each other and the world. Our programs boost school climate and decrease bullying by teaching students how to apply interpersonal skills and practice positive social interactions. Through movement and play, our programs help students release stress, feel energized, find presence and remember how awesome they are.


Helping students foster a growth mindset is an essential component of a quality educational experience. Too often, students feel anxious and stressed about learning new information and developing skills because they are fearful of getting it wrong, or not being successful. This is why our programs focus first on coaching the mind, and then the movements. Through the 3 Rules of PLAY: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself, students are encouraged to claim their “Bubble of Awesome” as they learn new skills, challenge themselves and play. Our programs build learning skills that students can apply throughout their academic journey in school!

Local Curriculum

Designed by a certified Physical and Health Education teacher, our programs address the outcomes and standards for health, physical education, social sciences and arts curricula. We provide teachers with assessment tools that include outcomes linked to the local framework for each region where we offer services. Some of the outcomes we address include: physical activity, active participation, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal skills, communication, and movement strategies, along with other specific outcomes according to the program type (dance, yoga and fitness), such a communicating stories through movement, self-regulation, and the discovery of international and aboriginal cultures.

Our programs are created through a collaboration with subject matter experts to ensure that foundational information and movements are being presented for each topic: dance, yoga, fitness, while keeping a playful and pedagogically sound approach. The goal is that after our workshops, students leave with at least a basic level of competence and, more importantly, a massive curiosity, motivation and confidence to go learn more, for example, by joining a weekly class in their community!

PLAY and interACTION

PL3Y programs use an interACTIVE teaching style, which means that we don’t put students in lines and have them copy the instructor. We believe in play, which is why all of our classes allow students to explore movements and sequences by moving in the 360 degrees of space around them. Through these inclusive spaces, students of all abilities can engage with one another, use their imagination, discovery their creativity and build positive relationships.

dpa & mvpa

For many schools, the Physical Education class is the only opportunity for students to get the moderate to vigorous physical activity levels required for healthy development. As we face higher rates of childhood chronic diseases such as obesity and Type 2 diabetes, it’s critical that Physical Education programs, especially those from external service providers, meet these MVPA levels. Our programs guarantee meeting the requirements for Daily Physical Activity in support or student health and wellbeing!

Comprehensive SChool Health

PL3Y Education isn’t simply a program provider. We believe in supporting school teachers to become more confident physical literacy educators through a full range of services and products for schools that support Comprehensive School Health. These include in-school workshops for students where our instructors role-model best practices in physical education, resources and lesson plans for teachers to access on an on-going basis, and professional development workshops to build skills on how to purposefully integrate movement and play in their pedagogy.