POWERPL3Y is a high-energy fitness and physical literacy program where students develop Fundamental Movement Skills, get interACTIVE with their peers and discover their unique strength through fitness challenges and games from a range of activities such as karate, boxing, jump rope, parkour, and superhero/ninja training!


POWERPL3Y school programs focus on playful fitness training in support of Physical Education outcomes and standards. Our workshops help build positive and inclusive schools climates through activities that use play as a tool for social and personal connections. Students learn to face challenges, practice self-regulation, work as a team to achieve an outcome, and simply play with movement!


  • Introduce new fitness formats, games and activities

  • Address and help teachers assess Physical Education outcomes

  • Fuel each student’s unique physical literacy journey




Energize your Physical Education program with a fitness class designed to awaken the inner warriors in each student. Our curriculum-based lessons includes individual and team challenges that allow students to discover their strengths and build resilience, interpersonal, communication and problem-solving skills. These engaging and playful classes are guaranteed to inspire all students to feel awesome!