YOGAPL3Y is a mental wellness and physical literacy program that introduces students to yoga through play. Students get energized through a variety of fun and interACTIVE yoga poses and activities that develop coordination, strength and fundamental movement skills (such as balance, twisting, bending, jumping, hopping, rolling etc.) and practice calming and self-regulation skills through focus, acceptance and connection to breath.

YOGAPL3Y School Programs

Our curriculum-based YOGAPL3Y school programs are engaging workshops designed to address and assess Physical Education outcomes and standards. We are the world’s leading provider of school-based yoga program that focus on physical literacy and fundamental movement skills, while integrating yoga concepts and poses.

YOGAPL3Y programs help schools build community and connections among students as they apply interpersonal skills through team challenges and games. Students also learn to connect to themselves through activities that teach about awareness, self-regulation and breath.


  • Address your Physical Education curriculum and develop Fundamental Movement Skills

  • Support mental health, teach self-regulation and build positive school culture

  • Inspire students to connect to themselves, each other and the world


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Activation Workshops

YOGAPL3Y Activations are designed for students to experience an introduction to yoga and mindfulness, with a playful spin. Through activities that inspire student to challenge their bodies with poses and focus their minds using breath and awareness, students apply growth mindset and self-regulation skills. Activation sessions are a great way for your students to sample a new activity!


Units / Residencies

YOGAPL3Y Physical Literacy Units are multi-lesson learning experiences that allow students to explore yoga in-depth, while supporting the Physical Education curriculum. The progressive lessons allow students to learn poses, and practice self-regulation skills. Activities are designed to allow students to discover and refine balancing, flexibility and concentration skills, as well as learn about mindfulness, self-awareness, and breath. By the end of the unit, students will be able to demonstrate a variety of locomotor and non-locomotor skills as they create yoga sequences for themselves and others.

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School wide & Community events

Building meaningful connections to themselves, others and the world is a critical skill for students to learn and foster in their educational experiences. Hosting a school-wide event with YOGAPL3Y allows students to celebrate these connections with their classmates, school mates, families and community.

Events include school assemblies, family events and school-wide community celebrations.