Resources for Educators


PL3Y Programs were designed by an educator, for educators. That’s why we don’t just come to your school to teach an awesome, program, we also provide teachers and school districts with resources to keep students active throughout the year.

Check out some of our most popular resources below, and visit our full resource list to download more classroom tools!



Our pre-designed dance units offer unique content by theme to progress students through an interACTIVE dance experience from Grade 1 to Grade 8:

Within each unit plan resource, you'll find

  • A 6-Lesson Dance Unit based on the TDfU Model

  • Printable Material for Dance Activities

  • Choreography Notes

  • Dance Tutorial Videos

  • Student Worksheets

  • Teacher Tools

  • Inquiry-Based Learning Prompts

  • Assessment Rubrics

**Note: this is an ONLINE resource, materials are available as downloadable files and documents.

Dances for physical literacy

This plug-and-play dance resource is perfect for your classroom! Access 10 follow-along dance videos to help students have FUN as they develop Fundamental Movement Skills, interpersonal skills and positive mindsets!

Use the Dances for Physical Literacy Resource to keep your students ACTIVE by:

  • Inviting student leaders to learn the moves and lead their peers or younger students in the dances.

  • Playing the videos as part of your Daily Physical Activity.

  • Downloading the choreography notes and coaching your students as part of your Physical Education or Dance program.

Note: this is an annual subscription resource.

Aboriginal DANCEPl3Y resource

This resource features dances and lesson ideas designed to develop physical literacy, as students discover music and movements from Aboriginal communities across Canada.

All dances are choreographed by a team comprised of indigenous students and teachers from Kamloops School District #73, teacher candidates from Thompson Rivers University, and an Elder, in consultation with Melanie Levenberg. Each song in the resource is performed by an Aboriginal artist or group.

*This resource was developed in partnership between DANCEPL3Y/PL3Y International, Kamloops School District #73 (SD73), and Thompson Rivers University (TRU).